Hiroyuki Numata



Hiroyuki Numata

What is your background?

I think my background is pretty unique in this organization because I had no experience in IT industry, I was in entertainment business over the decade.
I worked for music label/ event company in Japan and I was director in Singapore event company.
One day I didn’t know why but somehow I felt I must keep moving forward in my next career in Singapore. I was big surprised when I met Human Technologies Singapore’s CEO at job interview because he was my senior (Senpai in Japanese). Then I decided to take this opportunities straight away.


Do you feel any difficulties working in this company?

I cannot say No because we have to learn the system. Each customers and each countries have different organization rules and different labour law, we need to reflect into the system.
My motto is never surrender, we always think alternative way with team and give suggestions when the system is not able to support customer’s request. 

Working with international team

I love working with people who have different backgrounds, cultures and languages.
Our organization, we have Thai, Singapore and Japanese colleagues and I learn a lot from them.
For me, Thai people is polite, calm and slightly similar to Japanese people. They always think how to boost our business in Thailand and always share their thoughts with us.
Singapore is my second hometown but I could say we are so lucky we have a great sales/ support team in Singapore. I think they are special.

Message for candidates

As I mentioned above if you have a different background you will not regret to work with us.
Especially you think about your future career, definitely you can grow while you are in Human Technologies Thailand.