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Managing Director

Masahiro Yokota

Business details

Our company has establised in Thai since Aug 2022
Start business operation and hiring new staff from October.

Our company in Japan has develop,sale and proide support for Cloud Time Attendance system which is Share No.1
Have open branch in Singapore since 2015.But also have brance in Thai for moving forward to full-scale ASEAN development.

Our company’s mission is to 「Pursue the maximization of human productivity with our clients.」
We feel that many people in HR section have been wasted so much time on time management of the employee.

We think that the mission of HR section is[create easy working environment,high productivity,growing the organization business together with the employee]
so they can have more time for more creative working,optimization vast time doing documents by hands and helping them is our service.

There are around 44,000 companies(at March 2023)in Japan relying on our service.
We responding with our customer’s demand, providing knowhow along with version up.
Proposal satisfaction service to Thai customers both at function and at service.

Our Vision

We hold the vision that provide the best HR consulting services to our customers in Thailand and ASEAN, and contribute to the improvement of their business and the development of society.

Our service is not just introduce the product and end at selling part.
We need to constantly support if our service meet the customer’s expect or being helpful or not.
and our partner who help to introduce our service can also use KING OF TIME to strengthen deep connection with their customers.
In order to provide high quality support, I think it is necessary that the employee themself are satisfied at work and environment.

We included message inside our vision that we will contribute to customers, partners and employee

The talent person I would like to work with

・Those who sympathize with 7 value
・Those who positive
・Those who can debate regardless of the age and work experience.
・Those who don’t lie

I am looking forward to meet the member I can work with

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