Customer Story : Daewoong Pharmaceutical (Thailand)


Company name : Daewoong Pharmaceutical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Business category : B2B
Industrial type : Pharmaceuticals
Time stamping method : My recorder & application
Number of users : 16
Name and position : Chudaporn Supapak (Pop), HR Manager

Why did you choose KING OF TIME? What do you perceive as the main strength of KING OF TIME?

King of time application is easy to use and I think that it is suitable for our employees as we have various generations in our company. Some employees might not be familiar with the new technology, but some employees are familiar with the new era. The application is easy to use and can support our employees well. This application has been supported by IOS and android, which are easy to download on the mobile phone as well as the employees can connect to the web browser to use this program to record their attendance. So, this program has many alternative ways for the users to use. In addition, the admin can easily manage and use data to works in many functions. After we use it for a while, this application has proof that employees’ attendance management is easier to manage than the previous time.

What issue prompted you to seek a new time management system?

Normally, our company uses the finger scanner as the main tool to record the time attendance of the employees and then we export the data and use with other functions to monitor the employees. However, the finger scanner is the old system, which has some limitations for the employees such as record the time when the employees work outside and has to export the data by connecting the LAN with laptop/ PC. So these are the reasons that why we look for the innovative program or application that can help us manage the employees attendance as well as improve the efficiency of other works’ functions such as payroll management, performance management etc. 

Could you describe your previous method for clocking in/out before adopting KING OF TIME?

Before using King of Time, we used the company’s Line official application that all employees have to send the location and picture to clock in-out everyday as well as using the fingerprint scanner at the office. However, both methods are inconvenient in some points, when the employees go to work outside, we cannot use the fingerprint scanner out of the office area. After that we change the method to use the company’s Line official application but there is still the gap that the application can set the location manually, which means that the employees can take a picture and set the location by themselves and it does nor result in a real time. So, with these reasons, we are looking to the new HR program that can help us solve these. Then we have found the “King of Time” that can reduce our gap and be our answer.

How smooth was the transition from your old system to KING OF TIME?

Actually at the beginning, we have problems of changing the system because the employees are not familiar with the new system so it takes a longer time for the employees to use this program smoothly. After 1-2 months, when the employees always use the programs, they are familiar with it and we continue to use the program until nowadays.

How has KING OF TIME improved or streamlined the time attendance process compared to your previous system?

According to our system that we use the finger scanner and Line official application, these systems are different from King of Time when the HR Department wants to see the attendance record of the employees and the locations. Because the finger scanner will show only the in-out time and we have to connect to the program to show the time record as well as for the Line Official Application, we can see the in-out time when the employees take the picture and check-in at their location but it has the gap for them that they are be able to select the location (not real time) and send to HR Department. With these reasons, King of time has reduced the gap and create the effectiveness for the company to improve our attendance recording system that we can easily check the in-out time, find the data and see the location in a real time by go to the website or application everywhere and every time by the admin as well as the employees can see their attendance on their application. In addition, this program has alternative methods to clock in-out through the application and website supported by the mobile phone, laptop, PC, tablet etc.

Has it helped in reducing errors, saving time, or improving overall efficiency in managing attendance and working hours?

Yes, as the employees have to clock in-out in real time and we all use the same standard clock so when we record the time, the time will be stable and meet the central standard clock so when we use the time to connect with other systems of our company such as payroll, performance evaluation etc. It will save time, create efficiency, reduce the errors and improve our works.

What feedback have you received from employees regarding the transition to KING OF TIME, and how has their experience been with the new system?

The overall feedbacks from our employees are that the program is easy to use and easy to access every where even they are outside the company. At the beginning, they might face a little hard time because they forget to scan but after that everyone has no problem and is happy to use it.

Can you share any measurable improvements or benefits that Daewoong has observed since implementing KING OF TIME in terms of attendance management or overall operational efficiency?

As our company uses the only function of clock in-out so, I will talk about the details in terms of performance management and payroll management. As this application can help the company manage the employees’ attendance, we can easily control their working time and see their performance everyday in real time and can access the data everywhere. This can reduce the time and gap for the problems that we are facing. Now, when the employees go to work outside, we can see their performance and the place that they visit. Every month, HR Department can export the data and use the time to manage in payroll system, which can reduce the time to connect the data, just go to the website, log in and then export the data unlike the previous time. This has created change and improved work efficiency in more innovative ways.